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Épisode du vendredi 5 janvier 2018


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C’est le titre du fameux album de The Coup, groupe rap de la Bay Area (nord de la Californie, Berkeley/ Oakland/ San Francisco, mais aussi Vallejo ( E 40/ The Click) ou Hunter’s Point ( RBL Posse)).
Album sorti en septembre 2001, dont la pochette (prĂ©vue longtemps Ă  l’avance) voyait Boots Riley et Pam The Funkstress faire joujou avec les tours jumelles. Du coup, c’est un verre plein en gros plan qui remplace cette fameuse illustration. Pam Warren, plus connue sous le nom de DJ Pam The Funkstress, nous a quittĂ©s le mois dernier Ă  51 ans, rendons-lui hommage. The Coup a connu divers line ups, apparemment Pam The Funkstress ne faisait plus partie de la nouvelle mouture du groupe (plus “instrumentale”). Je ne saurai jamais assez remercier le magazine RAP PAGES qui m’a fait dĂ©couvrir ce groupe en 1998, un groupe qui reprend Ă  son compte des dessins et symboles d’Emory Douglas.
“Makin’ sure that get rubber sound is heard throughout the town/ Thirtyv years ago, Jesus could pull a ho quick/ But now he’s fifty and his belly hangs lower than his dick/ Philosophy that he spit in my memory chips/ And now he puttin’ in a disk of Gladys Knight and the Pips/ Then that shit starts to skip, he said, somebody must have scratched it/ Put the forty to his lips and poured the contents down the hatchet/ Well since my adolescence, cause of his pimp lessons/ Smack my woman in the dental just for askin’ silly questions/ Relationship reduction to either rock the box or suction/ Ain’t got no close partners, socially I can(t function/ From the pen he would scribe, on how to survive/ Don’t be Microsoft, be Mac intosh with a Hard Drive/ Used to tell me all the time to keep a bitch broke/ Did I mention that my momma was his number one ho/ Clunked the forty on the floor and placed his palm on the dash/ And wheezed out come on man, make this motherfucker mash/ Ain’t gonna mash too fast, cause my tags ain’t right/Me and Jesus The Pimp in a ’79 Granada last night” (The Coup)

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