Épisode du dimanche 3 Février



Rahzel – The indisputed

Enri – The performer

Charles Kynard – El Toro Poo Poo

Rahzel – If mother only knew

Black Heat – Chicken heads

Black Heat – No time to burn

DJ Hasebe ft Rahzel – Side To side –

Rahzel – All I know

Buju Banton – Murderer

Barrington Levy – Murderer

Chaba Ranks – Respect

Skip and die – Riots in the jungler

Tumi and the volume – Sticks and stones

Rahzel – The three elements

Tumi and the volume – Asinamali

Razhel – Rahstrumental Break 3

Tumi and the volume – Ladies and gentlemen

Franck Biyong – Fe Bain

Franck Byiong - Ambon

Blundetto – Walk my soul

Rahzel – Steal my soul

Rahzel – Rahstrumental breaks 2

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