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Illuminations #43 – Obscure Records



Épisode du lundi 10 Février 2014


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OBS-1: The Sinking of the Titanic (1975)-Gavin Bryars : Jesus’blood never failed me yet

OBS-2: Ensemble Pieces (1975)Christopher Hobbs: McCrimmon will never return

OBS-3: Discreet Music (1975)Brian Eno: Fullness of Wind

OBS-4: New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments(1975)-

  • Max Eastley: Elastic Aerophone-Centriphone
  • David Toop: Do the bathosphere

OBS-5: Voices and Instruments (1976)John Cage: The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs

OBS-6: Decay Music (1976)Michael Nyman: 1-100

OBS-7: Music from the Penguin Café (1976)Penguin Café Orchestra: Penguin Café Single

OBS-8: Machine Music(1978)John White: Son of Gothic Chord

OBS-9: Irma (1978)Tom Phillips: Aria (Irma You Will Be Mine)

OBS-10: The Pavilion of Dreams (1978)Harold Budd: Juno